Franklin: Hello, welcome to Star-schmucks coffee, may-

Foamy: Coffee! Black coffee. Just black; with darkness.

Franklin: Okay, that'll be seventeen twenty five, um, may I have your zip code please?

Foamy: Zip code?

Franklin: Um, yeah.

Foamy: Um, why?

Franklin: Well we got people's zip codes and phone numbers so we can send them money saving coupons in the mail. it's very helpful.

Foamy: My zip code is 00000.

Franklin: Um, that's not a valid zip code sir.

Foamy: No no it is, I live in space, above the Earth, it was a first zip code.

Franklin: Um, would you like to use your Star-schmucks credit card for this purchase?

Foamy: Credit card? for a coffee shop? Are you fucking kidding me?

Franklin: If you don't have one you can open up an account here, like right now, would you like to sign up for our Star-schmucks credit card today?

Foamy: Dude! I'm just buying coffee! I don't need to open up a credit card with you people.

Franklin: Okay, will you be using your coffee drinkers reward card today?

Foamy: Dude, all I want is my fucking coffee, I don't want to go through a whole thing of opening accounts and giving out social security numbers! Just give me my fucking coffee!

Franklin: But, if you use your reward card you can save 10% on this purchase.

Foamy: Dude, I just wasted 10% of my life waiting for this thing, J-j-just give me my fucking coffee, alright? Give it to me, give me the coffee!

Franklin: Would you like to donate a dollar to the-

Foamy: I will fucking kill you! Do you hear me? I will tear off your fucking balls and staple them to your fucking forehead! STOP FUCKING AROUND AND GIVE ME MY FUCKING COFFEE!!!

Franklin: I'm just trying to do my job, sir.


Franklin: There's no need to be rude sir.

Foamy: Yeah, there is! When I get a cup of coffee I should not be approached with paperwork in order to complete the transaction! And seriously, offering a credit card to every schmuck that comes in here looking for caffeine is just ridiculous. IT'S RIDICULOUS!!! Stupid.

Franklin: All businesses do it sir.

Foamy: Yeah, exactly, and that's why the economy is doing so well!

Franklin: Um, the economy is not doing well sir.

Foamy: I know that you fucking moron I'm being fucking sarcastic!!!

Franklin: Oh, okay. Now what size did you want uh grande, tall, or venti?.



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