Germaine: OK. Your vet' gave me a test to give to you so he can see how your brain works,

Pilz-E: Not at all, thank you!

Germaine: Uhm, yeah...


Germaine: Anyway, it's a simple word association test. I say a word and then you say the first thing that comes into your mind. OK?

Pilz-E[impatient]: OK. Computer is testing my words of patience!

Germaine:  Here we go: Tree.

Pilz-E: Log cabin apocalypse!

Germaine: Life.

Pilz-E: Bladder cookie eater.

Germaine: Home.

Germaine: Litter-box of cat poo!

Germaine: Family.

Pilz-E: Eater of my meals and unwanted sharers of my desert.

Germaine: Dog.

[Pilz-E picks up chop sticks]

Pilz-E: Lo-Mein Puppy!

Germaine: Cat.

[Pilz-E picks up menu from restaurant]

Pilz-E: Kung Pao Kitten!

[Germaine scratches her head with pen]

Germaine: I don't think this is really working.

Pilz-E: Generic eyeball slicer of convenience!

Germaine: Uhm...

Pilz-E: Won-Ton Poodle Kip!

Germaine: OK, we're done!

[Pilz-E crouches down behind table.]

Pilz-E: Mangy ice-cream beef.

Germaine: What?!

Pilz-E: Things you didn't hear...

Germaine: Whatever.

Pilz-E: Coffee-flavoured door hinge! ... On your left.


Pilz-E sings: Eyeball slicer of convenience - cut your eyes in different ways!

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