Foamy: Another bit of nonsense that's setting my brain on explode is this western zen bullshit. This idea of becoming one with the universe is slowly creeping up in american marketing, like in fashion ads, they'll show some skinny bitch model sitting in some yoga position with a serene painted on grin while simultaneously dressed  in some hideous 5th avenue garb that is the antissisists of zen, then they try to pass the same fashions as an accessory to universal peace within the soul. Yeah, okay. A shit ass hankercheif scarf with little kittens on it is so zen, yup nothing says at peace with one's surroundings like a see through bathing suit, you pricks! and out of all the people they can possibly choose to interpret the image of zen, why the fuck did they pick some skinny ass crack head model. Did you ever look at buddha? he's a fat bastard! and I have a theory is to why he became enlightened, he didn't give a shit, he ate what he wanted, didn't care if he got fat, soaked up the sun, and basically did what he wanted to, he didn't bitch about the trials of life because he excepted each trial of life as a natural thing. Can you imagine one of these diva bitches not getting their way before a photo shoot? You think they be all zen about not getting their bowl of green only m&m's? or being at peace with the universe once their air conditioner broke? nah. I don't think so! and you ever meet one of these neo zen ass rammers who spew shit out of their mouth about "how they take time out of everyday to meditate and reflect upon all of life's complexities" are these people kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me!? Look folks, you're not zen, you're not at peace with the universe, you're not anything, you're just a westener, who wants to be inclusive in something mysterious and meaningful, just so you can eminate some sort of soft shelled mystical fasa, and try to gain some psychological leverage over those you speak to by belittling their so called "undeveloped minds" and carrying on an air about yourself, and some guru of inner peace that you can not possibly understand.

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