(Title Screen Appears)

(Warning Screen Appears)

(Germaine is in bathtub)

Foamy: Foamy to Germaine, Foamy to Germaine, come in, over.

Germaine (picks up walkie talkie): What is it?

(Foamy is outside the bathroom door)

Foamy: I need to get in the bathroom, over.

Germaine: Can it wait? I'm in the tub right now.

Foamy: That's a negative, over.

Germaine: You know, when I had the idea of getting walkie talkies to keep in contact with you, that meant, like, if you were a few miles away, not in the other room.

Foamy: Yeah, well, if you weren't hogging that room, I wouldn't be in this one and I'd be in there. So there, over.

Germaine: What?

Foamy: You heard me, over.

Germaine: I'm turning this thing off.

Foamy: I'm going to pee on your new boots if you don't let me in, over.

Germaine: Damn it. I'll be out in a sec. I hate it when he pees on my boots.

(rubber duckey explodes in blood, spatters on Germaine)

(End Screen Appears)