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{The Warning screen appears.}

Pilz-e: I made you finest jar from the likeness of you for needle sticking of the voodeedoo like in your books which is fun.

Germaine: I can't understand you.

Pilz-E: Voodeedoo.

Germaine: You mean voodoo.

Pilz-E: Perhaps, just who knows the word guide voodoo, voodeedoo or maybe just needle sticking dolly head.

Germaine: Voodoo isn't something you should be messing with, besides if you don't do it the right way you accomplish nothing.

Pilz-E: I-I did it the right way with the words right in your book [Pilz-E pulls out a book and throws it away] with the spells and the things that tell the instructions to do. And this - is you!

[Pilz-E produces a Germaine doll]

Germaine: Don't make voodoo dolls of me!

Pilz-E: Voodeedoo.

[Begley appears]

Begley: Right, what seems to be happening here?

Germaine: Pilz-E made a voodoo doll of me!

Begley: Do tell.

Pilz-E: I killed you with the voodeedoo of a purple hair that's in my hands.

Begley: Right let's see then.

[Begley take's Pilz-E's doll and produces a needle]

Germaine: Please, the day a squirrel could properly make a voodoo doll is the day I- [Begley sticks the needle into the doll] AAH!

Pilz-E: Oh my, you stabbed her nipply protuberance of lactating mammaries.

Germaine: Owww!

Begley: It... slipped.

Pilz-E: You're a filthy squirrel of the bad twisty head kind seen on the Internet with the naughty girls and the twisted thoughts pixilated through our 56k modem!

Germaine: Take the needle out!

Begley: Quiet you, we're having a conversation here.

[Begley sticks another needle into the doll]

Germaine: Owww!

Pilz-E: You did it again! Nasty head.

Begley: Don't change the subject. How dare you say I'm a twisted squirrel? That's both defamatory and wrong and I resent that sir.

Germaine: Ohh, owwww...

Begley: I resent it!

Pilz-E: Then remove the needles of hell from the nipply niceness y-y-you deviant tree rat!

Begley: Oh, now I'm a rat? I say you want twisted? How's this?

[Begley sticks a needle into the doll's crotch, Germaine screams]

Pilz-E: Not nice with the nailing of the parts in the private area against their own not to be seen!

[Begley tosses the doll aside]

Begley: Look mate, can't we just put out our differences aside and no need to fight. We can be chums again eh?

Pilz-E: I had some chum cereal once with the milk and a spoon and a surprise inside.

Begley: That's very nice. Now, think you can make me one of those things in the likeness of Tony Blair? Eh?

Pilz-E: Like the Tony Blair Witch Project. That was so scary with the running through the forest and chasing the UN away.

Germaine: Take! The needles out! You bastards! Ughhhh...

{The Ending screen appears.}

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Here Pilz-E has gotten into one of Germaine's magic books and proceeded to make a Voodoo doll. Begley takes matters into his own hands when he starts messing around with the needles, causing Germaine intense pain. Pilz-E expresses how he thinks Begley is sick and twisted and the two proceed to argue while Germaine is tortured further by more needles.





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