(Title Screen Appears) (Warning Screen Appears) (Germaine types on Laptop)

Foamy: Hey, what are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Germaine: Fuck Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a load of shit. All it is is a made-up holiday that manipulates men into acting romantic for 5 minutes in order to get up a woman's skirt.

Foamy: I was just wondering because...

Germaine: The whole idea is just ludicrous and insulting. Then-then there's the stupid kinky gifts. Fuzzy handcuffs are not a gift.

(scene shows Anchovie about to spank Germaine with a "Love Paddle")
Germaine: This is totally inappropriate.
Anchovie: Oh, be a sport will you?

(normal scene)

Germaine: Edible underwear is not a gift.

(scene shows Anchovie chewing off Germaine's underwear)
Germaine: Dude, if you're that hungry, we can go to the diner.

(normal scene)

Germaine: Oh, and the clothing, let's not forget the "romantic clothing."

(Scene shows Germaine in revealing clothing)
Germaine: Why do I get the feeling that you were only thinking of yourself when you bought this?
Anchovie: That's a lie, I only have your best interests at heart.
(Anchovie shoots jizz at her)
Germaine: Yeah, right.

(normal scene)

Germaine: This whole twisted self-entitlement guys get out of Valentine Day drives me nuts. Its like just because they bought a box of chocolates, they feel they have the right to jam their cock in my ass. Screw that. I'd rather spend the $8 myself and spare myself the ass-pounding.

Foamy: So, no boyfriend this year huh?

Germaine: Shut up.

(End Screen Appears)

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