What were you saying? Hi.


This is Begley. He doesn't care. He wants a magazine.

Hey everyone. This is Lapper here, or you can call me Alex. I'm a guy living in Missouri, United States. I would like to welcome you to NYWiki, the Neurotically Yours knowledge base. We need as many helping hands as we need, so why don't you log in or create a username, and we can get started!

Free your mind. Like I did! Watch.

I was turned on to Neurotically Yours at the same time the Free Your Mind came out. It was then that saw Foamy free Germaine's mind and was hooked immediately. The website intrigued me, how developed each character was. I watched all the episodes I could.

A pair of pants with the word "wiki" on it.

In December of 2005, I decided that Neurotically Yours needed a wiki. The concept was so vast, there were bi-weekly updates, and no one could simply go throughout his or her whole life without hearing Foamy's high-pitched rants. So I began to develop this wiki, along with the gracious hosting of episodes by Friends of Foamy.

Maybe it’s crack. I don’t know.

If I've learned anything from operating on wikis, it's to exist on the wiki by these simple guidelines:

  • On editing: Do not join into something that you can't fully grasp or seem to understand. Step back; give yourself a little time to figure out what's going on.
  • On reverting and blocking: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. There are indeed plain ignorant users. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
  • On chatting: Contrary to popular belief, emotion can be shown while online; quite well, in fact. Therefore, it is important to type as if you were saying it aloud. Think about what you're typing, and about every possible way it could be interpreted.
  • On being a part of the community: Be clean in language and thought, be respectful to your peers, be cheerful in action, be forgiving of mistakes, don't personally attack users, don't argue – debate, and don't ask to be a sysop.

Can't you see the futility of it all?


  • 12.29.05 - Creating the alpha wiki.
  • 12.31.05 - Moving to Scatchpad with the beta wiki.
  • 1.5.06 - Being accepted to Wikicities and moving to the current wiki.


Conversational Quotes

  • Annoyed Elf: {looking around} Where the hell am I?
Germaine: Um... {points at Annoyed Elf} you're not Santa.
Annoyed Elf: Well, no shit. I'm a fucking elf.
Foamy: Hey, he's almost as short as I am!
Annoyed Elf: {points at Foamy} Shut up. Santa is still pissed at you for that nut tossing incedent in the park a few years ago.
Foamy: {rolling his eyes} Jesus never held a grudge like this.

One-liner Quotes

  • Foamy: Naive fool! Yesterday mail is mail that got to you yesterday.
  • Begley: Right, so as I was saying, the one time I actually met the queen, I went straight up to her face and said "You're a wanker."
  • Pillz-E: The doctors gave me these candies of special fun medication! Hi.
  • Franklin: Please, bitch! I'm busy shopping.
  • Germaine: Yes, can I get a viente white chocolate mocha thingy?
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