(Title Screen Appears)

(Warning Screen Appears)

(Germaine is reading a book)

Foamy: Hey, I was playing Solitare on your PDA, organizer thingy, and started poking around. You have a lot of programs in here.

Germaine: Yeah, anytime there's a free one, I download it and fiddle with it.

Foamy: Well, do you use any of these things or are you wasting space on this thing.

Germaine: I use a few of them.

Foamy: Dude, some of these are just fucking useless, like this one, Shoe Rack: keep track of all your shoes. Do you really need a program to keep track of your shoes.

Germaine: Not really, I just have boots and sandals.

Foamy: See, useless. This one is a waste too: Cigarette Count. You don't even smoke.

Germaine: Yeah, well I keep track of how many cigarettes I second-hand smoke.

Foamy: Ah, great, and really, how crappy a driver must you be to need this one. Traffic Fines: keep track of all your traffic tickets and violations. I mean, do you have so many that you need a 3rd-party program to keep track of everything for you.

Germaine: Whatever.

Foamy: And why bother with this one: Pocket Tailor. Keep track of your body measurements.

Germaine: Well, that's a helpful one. This way, I know what size clothes to buy.

Foamy: Yeah, but since your measurements are ever expanding, the information held here will be constantly out of date.

Germaine: Back to the fat jokes, huh.

Foamy: Dude, always.

Germaine: Here's a program that I use all the time, Mood Manager: I can keep track of all of your many moods.

Foamy: Yeah, but it all just says "pissed off" and a date next to it.

Germaine: Notice a trend?

Foamy: Yeah, do you?

(End Screen Appears)

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