Episode 15


Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], MP3 Girl

[Where's my take-out?]
MP3 Girl: [Wardrobe circa 1983] Hey, do you have one of those download kiosks where I can download albums onto my MP3 player?
Clerk: Are you retarded?
MP3 Girl: [Yes she is] What? Why?
Clerk: [Please where clothes from current decade] Dude, MP3s are overpriced data and poor quality. [New album! 1000101111010 100100111001 01010001111 available now] Why don't you just buy the CD?
MP3 Girl: I don't like CDs, they're bulky.
Clerk: [John Candy was bulky] Wait, wait, weren't you in here last week and you bought the White Stripes vinyl for $35?
MP3 Girl: [White blood cells are useful] Yeah! I love vinyl.
Clerk: [Wax ecstatic] A...little more bulky than a CD, don't you think?
MP3 Girl: [Just a bit] But it's retro.
Clerk: [Your brain pattern is retro] So, you buy records because it's trendy.
MP3 Girl: [Music should not be a fad] Why else would I? I have an MP3 player.
Clerk: [I H8 D.M.P. & D.R.M.] Are you still using the headphones that came with your MP3 player?
MP3 Girl: [Might as well use tin cans] Yeah, they're great.
Clerk: You don't even care about music, do you?
MP3 Girl: [You really should care] you have a download kiosk or not?
Clerk: Here, lady. (Flipping the bird) [25% loaded] Loading... [58% loaded] loading... [98% loaded] loading. [Download complete]
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