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Foamy: Every summer, amusement parks open up for a fun-filled summer season of recreational frivolity. It all seems to go well, until, one day, when you hear on the news about how some dumb kid got hurt on a park ride, and so the park has to close down due to (mock) safety reasons. (normal) Now, most people don't know about this, because most news reporters don't talk about it, in most of these cases, the little brat who got hurt ended up getting injured due to his own stupidity. Like when he or she is on a roller coaster, and they decided to unbuckle their safety belt, while they're upside down going 70 miles an hour. Now, this is where common sense, which is not so common, comes into play. Why should the whole entire amusement park suffer because little (mock) Jose (normal) or tiny (mock) Shaniqua (normal) got stupid and decided to pull a retarded stunt while bypassing the safety equipment that is there for their own protection. Now, because of idiots like this, everyone else has to suffer. For the rest of the hot sticky summer, everyone who would want to chill out at an amusement park, now has find something else to do, because some fucking bunny-sucking Schlamiel had to screw things up by seeing if he can get a free prize by shooting himself in the eye with a BB gun. Idiot. What we really all need to do is when something like this happens, we should all quickly determine who's at fault, and if the fault is placed up the kid, sweep up the mess, and reopen the ride for the rest of thrill seekers. The rest of the world should not have to suffer because some moron wanting to see what would happen to his left hand if he'd put it underneath an elephant's ass. Yeah, and then they shoot the animal for (mock) being a dangerous, unpredictable beast. (normal) Meanwhile, Tyrone looks around town for another elephant for his right hand. Yeah, very good. Whatever, I'm gonna go to an amusement park to see if i can drown some parkgoers on the waterslide. Whatever.

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