(Title Screen Appears)

(Warning Screen Appears)

Franklin: Um, here's your Grande Chi Tea, sir. That'll be $9.50 please.

Foamy: It's a medium. Here $3. Keep the change.

Franklin: Um, (clears throat).

Foamy: What, is my money no good here. Do I have to speak with your manager. Manager!

Franklin: Ahem (pointing to a tip cup).

Foamy: Oh-oh I see, a tip cup. Well, isn't that nice. So, so I guess you expect some sort of tip.

Franklin: Um, it is customary.

Foamy: So is heterosexuality, but that doesn't seem to phase you.

Franklin: Pardon?

Foamy: There's no way I'm giving you a tip. You have to be out of your fucking mind. Do you really expect people who just paid, like, $5 for a cup of coffee to fork over some extra loose change just because you made a poor career choice?

Franklin: Hey, I had to go to college for this you know.

Foamy: What? Are you fucking serious? No one goes to college in order to learn how to pour a cup of coffee, unless they are fucking retarded. Are you retarded?

Franklin: You have no idea how hard it is to go through Star-Schmucks' College. I can guarantee you, you will never make it through Bean Grinding 101.

Foamy: Oh yeah, that's some complicated shit. How do you live with yourself?

Franklin: I live my life, secure in a knowledge that my hard work gets elite society up and running in the morning with a freshly brewed cup of wondrous coffee.

Foamy: They really programmed you at the college, didn't they. Fuck the elite up the ass with their own silver spoon. I don't know about you, but I was not put on this Earth to serve the privileged elite.

Franklin: We all have to work.

Foamy: I work for no one. If you want to work, find something you like doing and try to make a living out of it. In your case, I'd say make some gay pornos.

Franklin: Um, what makes you think I'd be interested in that.

Foamy: Oh, I see, still in the closet. Not a problem, don't ask, don't tell.

Franklin: And what of my tip.

Foamy: I'm not giving you shit. Besides, you'd just spend it on some sex toys and lubrication anyways.

(Foamy takes a sip)

Foamy: This chai shit is actually pretty good, almost good enough to give you a tip.

Franklin: Really.

Foamy: Nah, I'm just getting your hopes up. Silly man, silly man.

Franklin: Why won't you die?

Foamy: Because my squirreley wisdom is about as eternal as these styrofoam cups. Yeah, this is going to look great in the local landfill.

(End Screen Appears)