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Episode Number 20

Foamy finds a wallet.

Cast (in order of appearance): Foamy


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{The Warning screen appears.}

Foamy: Oh wow look at this. I found a wallet what’s better than finding a wallet…huh...huh??....huh??...finding a wallet with money in it! Maybe there’s money ah wa…wa…..wa….wa. Theres like six hundred dollas in here woohoo haha. I’m a rich squirrel…..I'm a fucking rich squirrel, man! Woooooo…rich squirrel Ok now let’s see what do I do? Do I return it? Do I return it? Keep the wallet….return…keep return…keep keep keep…..maybe if there’s no i.d. I can keep it. Huh..hah..err..ets see nothing so far..ah..ah..ah ha drivers licence. Er hmm do I look at it? Should I look at it. Ahh! It's an old lady, oh man.. the address is clear as day err should I send it back? Errrr nnnnnnnnnnner Let me weigh the options, Let me weigh the options …she’s a old lady she may need the money we all know about that social security problem there having. I could return it and she would have her six hundred dollars. But…what if she’s already dead?...a dead body does not need money ya know. So you can see my logic. But if I don’t return it and she does need the money she could die….but if she dies, then she’d be dead and she won’t need the money. Hmmm let me consult with the powers that be. Do I keep the wallet or shall I return it? Ohhhh powers that be…please answer my question NOW!!!


Foamy: Can’t argue with that. I’ll go return the wallet and I hope the powers that be will smile upon me well in the future. And I hope the lady that get’s this back appreciates it and at least writes me a “thank you” note. Fucking bastards.

Booming Vocie: KEEP THE WALLET

{The Ending screen appears.}

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