The Point of it All (part 1) is a foamy the squirrel three-parter

Description Edit

The episode starts of with Foamy the squirrel ranting on therapy and medication, only to be cut off by Mammed Udi ,who in reality was actually Germaines therapist, to tell foamy that he has an observation. He's observed that "foamy" who turns out to be a hand puppet created by Germaine who she used to hide from reality ever since the "neck snapping incident". He states that the squirrel puppets that she uses seemed to help here become more mentally stable and able to face her problems head on. Though it took longer then Mammed Udi would have liked, and he found the squirrel puppets a bit weird at times. He informs Germaine that he thinks she is cured much to her surprise. Though he claims hes favorite delusion was how he was a tech support agent. He tells germaine that they should check up once a month but besides that she is free to go and she wont have to suffer the wrath of the legal system for murdering the man at the coffee shop. He tells her she can go because hes next client is very tiresome due to his obsessions with a chick he met online. which Germaine responds to in Foamys voice " screw that guy, take the rest of the day of and buy some candy"

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The transcript for this episode can be seen here

Trivia Edit

  • This episode reveals that foamy, And his squirrel friends were never real was simply Germaine expressing herself through squirrel puppets. 
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