The Little Girl Named: Gnat is a one-shot comic book about (as the title suggests) a little girl named Gnat and her daily life. She is raised by a dead-beat mother who hates her, constantly insults her, and sometimes tries to kill her, though Gnat seems to be indifferent towards her hatred. The comic details an average day in her life as she laments her existence, observes the idiots around her, gets bullied by a kid who subsequently gets run over by a truck (due to some "twisted cosmic justice"), goes to a coffee shop twice (on her second visit, she accidentally causes a waitress to attempt suicide by telling her about her world views), argues with her teacher (who believes that Bill Gates is God), receives advances from a pervert who gets crushed by a safe (cosmic justice at work), goes to a candy store and buys blood flavored gummy bears, and returns home.


  • She wears a Bauhaus shirt just like the 4y-Guy.
  • In the classroom scene, there is a student in the background asking "Why did they kill Invader Zim?"
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