The Joyful Suicides of Reese Witherly is a short-lived comic strip that appeared in the Neurotically Yours comic book series. It starred a young, upper-class, goth girl with suicidal tendencies (like a lamenty, gothic, female version of Harold from Harold & Maude). She is often depressed and disenchanted with the state of the world, stating that "suicide, to me...would be a grand release from it all."

She has a stereotypical, stuffy, upper-class mother who tries to make Reese into a "proper lady," and considers her suicidal nature a phase and not something of great concern. There is also Miss Welsh (the maid), the unseen Dr. Jensen, and Reese's stuffed rabbit doll.

The series even had one animated episode entitled Slice of Life, in which Reese tries to kill herself by cutting her wrist (with delayed results)

Since the series was short-lived, only three suicide attempts were actually seen. The first was in comic #2 (Reese stabs her chest with a knife), comic #3 (Reese jumps out a window), and Slice of Life (Reese cuts her wrists).

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