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{The Warning screen appears.}

Germaine: *Germaine is in the bathroom, poking her stomach* I think I gained weight. *She looks outside the door* Did I gain weight? *Her voice is heard off-screen. Foamy is at the computer who stopped typing* I think I did.

Foamy: *Foamy rolls his eyes* Yeah, yeah, yeah. *He points at her* You are a fat BASTARD! Who cares! *He points at the computer screen* I'm having this issue with my cult. I've almost conquered America *Foamy is heard off-screen. We see Germaine again, outside the bathroom, poking her belly* but it's a bit more difficult to reach overseas with all the-

Germaine: *She interrupts and points at herself* Really? You think I gained weight?

Foamy: *The screen cuts to Foamy, who looks annoyed* Yes. Now stop obsessing over your fat ass and listen!

Germaine: *She shows her back to the screen* Damn~! It is fat. *She starts to shake her butt around, watching it jiggle* Ew~, I have one of those jiggly butts.

Foamy: *Screen cuts to Foamy* Shut the fuck up! *Fomay starts to type* Since when are you so insecure about how you look? *Foamy leaves. Screen cuts to Germaine, which Foamy appears by* Look at your hair--It's DISTURBING! And your personality's one dimentional and bland. *Foamy leaves and appears at the computer again* Your ass, is the least, of your problems!

Germaine: *Screen cuts to Germaine* Eh, I guess everyone has their moments of insecurity. Whatever I guess it doesn't matter-

Foamy: *Screen cuts to Foamy* Damn right it doesn't! If you're a fat bastard, be proud that YOU *Screen cuts to Germaine* are a fat bastard. There's no sense *Screen cuts to Foamy* in trying to being something that you aren't.

Germaine: *Screen cuts to Germaine* You know, you're right, fuck society and it's obsession with idealistic beauty. *Germaine turns around and shakes her butt* LOOK AT MY JIGGLY BUTT! Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle! *Screen cuts to Foamy* Look at it! Look. At. My. Jiggly. Butt! *Screen cuts to Germaine, who is still shaking her butt* Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. *Screen cuts to Foamy* It's beautiful!

Foamy: Stop that! You're embarrasing yourself!

Germaine: Please, it's not like anyone can see me *Foamy looks at camera as if it's obvious that everyone can see her* Jiggle, jiggle.

Foamy: *Foamy screams in a high-pitched like voice* YOU HAVE THE FATTEST OF ASSES *Foamy's voice returns to normal* you fat bastard!

Germaine: *Screen cuts to Germaine, who is shaking her butt at the camera* It's like gelatin! *Screen cuts to Foamy, who is holding a sign that says 'FOAMY ON STRIKE! Foamy demands better scripts' Germaine's voice is heard off screen* Oh~, it's jiggly. *Screen returns to Germaine, shaking her butt* I like the jiggly. Jiggly, jiggly, jiggly.

Foamy: *Screen returns to Foamy* That's it, I'm leaving! *Screen cuts to Germaine, shaking her butt* This, is the, worst, cartoon EVER, MADE! *Screen returns to Germaine* Scripts about jiggly asses, don't cut it with me, *Screen returns to Germaine, still shaking* alright!

Germaine: It's a jelly butt.

Foamy: *Foamy's voice is heard off-screen* Who writes this crap!

Germaine: Look at my jelly butt.

Foamy: *Foamy's voice is heard off-screen* I want NAMES!

Germaine: I'm proud of my jelly butt.

Foamy: *Screen returns to Foamy* Give me names!

Gemaine: *Screen returns to Germaine* Oh~~!

Foamy: *Foamy's voice is heard off-screen* They shall feel my wrath!

  • Screen cuts to Germaine. Germaine belches* *Foamy comes in with Germaine*

Foamy: And you, you're the biggest dissapointment since the crucifiction. *Foamy leaves. Germaine continues to shake* There better be something good here in two weeks! I give you two weeks.

  • Germaine belches several more times*

Foamy: Then I quit!

{The Ending screen appears.}

Germaine: Jiggle, jiggle.

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