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"Why can't you have any normal friends?"

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{The Warning screen appears.}

{Germaine is at the counter of Star-Schmucks. Foamy and the Hatta' appear}

Foamy: Hey, I need the keys to your scooter.

Germaine: Yeah, that'll happen. {notices Hatta'} Who's this?

Foamy: This is my new friend, Leroy! I found him in a dumpster in the back of a Reddish Lobster restaurant.

Hatta': Hey, 'Leroy' is my business name. Folks call me the Hatta'.

Germaine: Like, the Mad Hatter?

Hatta': Well, I am mad, and I crazy fucker when it comes to tea! I love the tea. Give me some tea and we alllll's good! Gimme some tea!

Germaine: {at Foamy} Why can't you have any normal friends?

Foamy: Why, what's wrong with him?

Hatta': Yeah, why's you got to say I ain't normal? You saying that 'cos I'm a black squirrel, ain't ya?

Germaine: What?

Hatta': Just what I expect from some crazy white lady. You got some crazy nerve insulting the Hatta' with your crazy ass cracker comments and your freaky ass bitch eyeliner that look like someone done thrown a sharpie at your eyeball!

Germaine: {flips off Hatta'} Go fuck yourself, you race card-playing ass muncher!

Hatta': Damn, you got some mouth on you like a crack smoking a whore.

Germaine: Why is it opposing ethnicities always have to say someone's being a racist when someone else makes a comment they don't agree with?

Hatta': Heh, I'm just messing with you, whitey. Us black squirrels usually just say white folks are racist 'cos they usually just shut up and walks away when wes do.

Foamy: Heh, neat trick, huh?

Germaine: That's fucked up.

Hatta': What are ya, racist? That sound like some racially motivated shit, yos!

Foamy: Okay, no-one is buying the racist thing anymore, dude. Chill out!

Hatta': Aw, dang it. I hate it when people realize I'm just talking shit.

{The Ending screen appears.}

Hatta': Everybody's a racist, except me of course, 'cos I'm black.

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This episode has been unlisted on YouTube meaning you have to go into playlists to be able to get the link to watch it.Edit

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