{Germaine, sitting at her desk, angrily hangs up the phone.}

Germaine: {Pulling at her tank top shirt in anger} Dammit! Fucking shit bastard cock fucker!

{Foamy pops up.}

Foamy: Aww! Didn't get the job, didja?

Germaine: I NEVER get the fucking job! It's like I walk into the interview, and they look at me like I'm a fucking freak and give me that...{Foamy holds up a sign saying "I'M NOT LISTENING"}..."Oh, we'll think it over" bullshit! Why not just say...{Foamy puts down the sign}..."No, we're not giving the job to you because you look like a fucking freak"!

Foamy: {with paw to chin} Yeah...a little honesty would be nice!

Germaine: I should just leave, y'know? Take off, roam the country...just live off the land! Life would be SO much easier, and much more exciting.

Foamy: Yeah, but, dont'cha have, money?

Germaine: This is true. I...guess I could, like, give out handjobs for money at gas stations or something.

Foamy: Ah-ah-ah! Th-that's nice! {Chuckles} Lovely!

Germaine: Y'know, that's the only REAL benefit of being a woman? All you have to do is strip {starts pulling at her shirt again} or do some sort of sex act {briefly grabs her breasts while Foamy facepalms her} to make money. It's so frigging easy! Other than that, though, it's all just feminine oppression by a male society, maaaaan!

Foamy: Isn't prostitution the world's oldest profession?

Germaine: That and farming. And they both use hoes (ho's). Heh-heh! Get it? Funny? Eh?

Foamy: {looking away sarcastically} Yea-a-h! Funny.

Germaine: Aw, come on! That was brilliant! Lighten up!

Foamy: Is your employment prospect SO bleak that you'd actually consider running away and having rest stop sex to pay your bills?

Germaine: Eh...I think it's something that crosses every desperate woman's mind from time to time. It's like, a woman can make so much money...{Foamy holds up a new sign: "NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL"}...doing porn, prostitution and crap like that, so why bother getting a corporate job that is dominated by men who will just belittle you anyway? {Foamy puts down the sign} Either way, you're whoring yourself out to someone, be it an individual or a corporation. It doesn't matter. {Foamy holds up another sign: "IT MATTERS"} You get screwed by both. {Foamy puts down the sign} Only prostitution and porn have a more flexible schedule and less paperwork.

Foamy: Y'know, it's...

Germaine: {cutting Foamy off} Y'know what'd be cool? If I had telekenesis! Then I could give out telekinetic handjobs without having to actually touch anyone.

Foamy: So, if you had telekenesis, you'd give out handjobs?

Germaine: Well, what would you do?

Foamy: Oh! DUDE! Throw sharp objects at people, flip cars, make people's heads explode!

Germaine: {makes "P'SHAW" sound} I'd make people's heads explode, too. I'd be like...{puts hand to forehead as if to use her telekenesis}..."You like that, baby, huh?" {Foamy ducks behind the desk} And they'd be like, "Yeaaah!" And I'd be like, "Yeah! Cum for mama!" And they'd be like...{makes a fist as if to remotely jerk someone off while also making handjob- and ejaculation-like noises} I'd be like, "KA-CHIIIING!" And I wouldn't even get sticky. {stares off into space imagining about her "powers", with her tongue hanging out...}

Foamy: {pops back up} Now, SERIOUSLY, you HAVE to leave! I can't be hanging around dumb people anymore! It hurts...the brain! {points at Germaine} Get out.

{Germaine is still spaced out...}

Foamy: {waving paw at Germaine} Hello?!

Germaine: {snaps out of her dreamworld} Sorry, mind was elsewhere.

Foamy: {looking away sarcastically} Yeah, hmm? {ducks back behind the desk}

{END screen pops up, with Germaine making the same noises as above and yelling "KA-CHIIIING!" again to fadeout.}

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