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{The Warning screen appears.}

(Germaine is standing in a line, behind her is the future "Mammad Udi", A sign reads: Please wait for the next teller)

Foamy: Oooohh a suggestion box! Wah! These things are the best, you can have so much fun with a suggestion box, lets see what I can suggest... hmmmm. Oh, alright! (starts to write)

"Dear Suggestion Box, I suggest you have a small buffet for the folks waiting in line. I'm not one to complain, but your banking staff is as slow as shit. And if we all have to wait because of their incompetence, then the least you could do hook us up with some free food. My suggestion is bagels and coffee, hmmm perhaps some crack for those crack addicts who launder their money in you fine banking establishment. 'Cause you don't want a fiending crack head standing in line with no crack."

"I also suggest that there should be special benefits for your squirrelly account holders; I myself have 16 million dollars in Nazi gold that I stole from the Germans sitting in your vaults. I must say I'm appalled your current rate of interest being 0%. I know the economy is bad but take it out on the humans and not the upper 1% of squirrels."

"My last suggestion is to hire some English-speaking staff. Even though I am fluent in 32 different languages, "yo no me gusta" conversing in a language not native to my country. My money says 'the United States of America' not the 'collective nonsense of India' or the 'North Korean regime' the denomination of currency here is in dollars, not pesos, not rubles and certainly not fucking euros. I'd like to hear some damn English coming out of your damn bank tellers you pieces of crap!"

"I'm so sick of this! I hate having to use sign language to do a bank transaction. I expect this simple request to be put into action within the week or you will all taste my squirrelly wrath. Signed, your lord and master, Foamy."

"PS: my minions are loyal and they can destroy you all"

(FBI guy from "postal event" leans into the shot"

{The Ending screen appears.}

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