(Germaine strums her guitar)

Foamy: Welcome one and all. It's time for another --- what is is, session? -- another session of Squirrel Songs! And I've been asking for donations every time I do this, and everyone seems to be a cheap fucker! Maybe I talk too much. Is that it? You want me to just shut up and entertain? Fine! Here's a song! Uh!

Foamy: (singing) All over the world, I am seen as a perfect squirrel. Can't you see what I see? You're blinded with stupidity. Yes, its' true. I can see right through you. What to do? It ends soon, so look to yourself for the truth. And know I will one day rule the world. And know I will one day rule the world. Hmm-mmm, hmm-mmm, hmm-mmm.

Foamy: That was a lovely song worthy of a few nickels. Huh? I'm just gonna put my change cup right here, (puts cup on bench next to Germaine) and if you fill it up, that'd be nice. I'll just move on to my next song. Wouldn't want to take up too much of your time with a backstory! Stupid bastards.

Foamy: (singing) I hate to be right and I hate to be wrong, to know that you people know nothing at all. To center yourself is the furthest most thought. For mammals so large, your brains... are so small. Don't you know anything? I'll ask you all once again. Don't you know anything? I don't think so.

Foamy: (glances around) I see that song was not quite worthy of a handful of dimes, or nickels, or even pennies! So you know what? This song comes straight from the heart, and as a message for all you cheap bastards!

Foamy: (singing) I've said it before. You're all dumb as a doornail. You'll never see, so I'll have to repeat. You're all dumb as a doornail. I'll say it again. (You're all stupid) I'll say it again. (You're all fucking dumb) I'll say it again. (How can you be so fucking stupid?) I'll say it again. (You fat bastard!) I'll say it again. (Don't you know anything?) I'll say it again. (Go fuck yourself when the credits come on!) I'll say it again. (Go straight to hell!) I'll say it again. (You're all a bunch of assholes!) I'll say it again. (You all fucking suck) I'll say it again. (Yeah, I'm repeating myself) I'll say it again. (Why don't you just go kill youself?!) I'll say it again. I'll say it again. (You all need to die in your sleep) I'll say it again. (You all need to get hit by a car) I'll say it again. (Can you stop being stupid for five minutes?) I'll say it again. (No, I won't.)

Foamy: You can go kill youselves, man! Oh!

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