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Squirrel Songs II Foamy The Squirrel

Squirrel Songs II Foamy The Squirrel

(Germaine strums her guitar)

Foamy: Greetings, one and all. Today, I'm going to be singing some songs, songs I wrote myself. Now, these songs are about stuff. Everybody is affected by stuff. There's always some kind of weird stuff going on, you know, people do stuff that pisses you off. Its all stuff. So, here we go.

Foamy (singing) My name is Foamy and I have a complaint I'm dealing with people who haven't a brain. From pill-popping pals to purple-haired freaks I'm sick of seeing them all week after week. So just go to hell! So just go to hell! So just go to hell!

Foamy: Thank you, thank you very much. That was great. That was a fun song. This next song is about how great I am, and how you're going to suffer because you have not recognized my greatness. Suffer you shall.

Foamy (singing) I know its hard even though I'm a squirrel. My brilliant mind can solve the problems of worlds! You don't hear me now, so what can I do? You're all going to die when we all come for you. I'm talkin' squirrely wrath and its way overdue! Hmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

Foamy: See, the squirrely wrath is way overdue. You know, even a pity clap would be appreciated. Dammit. An , next song.

Foamy (singing) Another Foamy cult song and you got it all wrong I don't want world domination I'm just a squirrel is all and I'm pointing out flaws Society is a state of damnation And the criminals walk as the idiots talk Can't we all just burn them off of the world Sad state of affairs when nobody cares So sad to come from a squirrel How could you be so stupid? Do you really think you know it all? I don't think so.

Foamy: Oh, oh, people people, please. Come on. That whole song had a meaning and a purpose and fine I know some of you can't think properly unless you had a cup of coffee, but damn it, don't you recognize talent when you hear it. You know, whatever, its not me, its you, ok. Keep your filthy nickles and kill yourself when you get home. Allright, can't be any clearer than that you cheap bastards. Shit, damn!

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