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Episode Number: 52

Foamy is trying to raise money for the Card Cult by singing squirrelly songs.


{{}} (Germaine is sitting on a perk bench with a black guitar in hand. She plays through out the cartoon, accompaniing Foamy's singing. She strums a few chords, then Foamy pops up.)

Foamy: Attention all! I am here today, to sing for my supper, and, collect money. For the Almighty Church of Foamy! What I’m doing here today, everyone, is taking donations to build, the grandest monument, to the Lord and Master, me. And, of course I don’t expect you to give me money for free, so what I’m going to do, is entertain you with song. Ahhh! Here we go.

I will kill you all, nothing you can do about it. I will kill you all, nothing you can do about it. Squirrelly Wrath. Squirrelly Wrath. Squirrelly Wrath. You’re all gonna die. You’re all gonna die. Squirrelly Wrath. Squirrelly Wrath.

All right fine, probably not the best song to pick, but, you cheap bastards! Oh, oh, oh, I see. You bastards probably didn’t like the message, huh, Squirrelly Wrath, no? Fuck you, alright! How about this one, this one’s better, eh, eh?

I’m the Lord and Master. You all are bastards. Worship me, or I’ll stab your eyes ‘till you bleed, I’m the Lord and Master.

That’s me you so of a bitch. So give me money, Money! Money money! (humming) Yeah. You cheap bastards! All right, this next song I wrote because, I AM A SQUIRREL! Now shut up and listen you fucking bastards.

So I’m a squirrel, and you're not, How pathetic, you are, So I’m, a squirrel, and you're not, You’re just human, how pathetic, you are. You don’t have a fluffy tail. You don’t have squirrelly wrath. You just build to destroy while I Collect some nuts. You all suck!

Oh, come on! That one had a message to it, a message! Y’ know, that like how you people just blow stuff up for no reason, and all squirrels have to do is collect nuts! Be more nature-like man! Respect the trees, respect them all! And respect me! (groans) Alright, y’ know, tomorrow I’ll come back with a full band. Maybe it would impress you if I had the fucking E Street band like Bruce Springsteen. You’ll pay 80 dollars to see that fucker at Madison square garden but you won’t give me a nickel? That’s right, cross the street so you don’t have to deal with me.


Hope you get hit by a fucking bus.

{The Ending screen appears.}

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