Episode 28

Foamy complains about Germain's attempts at witchcraft.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy



Germaine: {repeating a spell} From water to fire, from earth to air, smite those who whisper and smite those who dare, and those who offend and those that disgrace, let the heavens above blow up in their face. {repeats over Foamy}

Foamy: Hey, what you doin'? Whoa, whoa, uh-oh, she's got the cauldron out. She's got the little tiny baby cauldron and she's chanting in a spooky way. Whoa, spooky, you are spooky. Oh, ah, here it goes. Now see, this is the part where you like, think you're a witch or something, like you have some powers or some crap where it's like, "Oh, I'm gonna do some chanting and all of the sudden all of my enemies are gonna be smited, everyone that I've ever hated is gonna die." You know what? It doesn't work, and it doesn't work 'cause you don't know what you doing, unlike me! I am a High Warlock-Priest in the squirrel society. You're just some weird little goth person who listens to too much Morrissey and has watched The Craft one too many times, okay? Jesus Christ, you're coming off like you're fuckin’ Fairuza Balk or some shit. Jeez, Why don’t you live in reality? For God's sakes, don't you realize that you're messing with powers beyond your control? Not beyond my control, mind you, because I'm a High Priest-Warlock. You're just some freak with a book and your tiny little baby cauldron as if you're the shit, as if you're fucking part of the cast of The Craft! You don't know anything, okay? With that being said, I'm going to leave you to your nonsense. {Lightning strikes Foamy} What the fuck was that for? Damn, that hurt! Ugh, that's it, squirrelly wrath is coming your way, ugh, right after I heal.

Germaine: Hehe... {Germaine’s laughter is joined by small voices laughing with her, the demons she has created, and all over lapping, with Germaine’s laughter rising above them all, only darker and more profound than before.}

{The Ending screen appears.}

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Real World ReferencesEdit

  • Morrissey is a British emo singer who rose to fame singing with The Smiths
  • The Craft is a 1996 film about four teenage girls that are witches.
  • Fairuza Balk is an American actress with many roles to her name, including the lead in The Craft.

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