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{The Warning screen appears.}

Pilz-E: So, I'm talking to my doctor about my 'jit' nervous, I'm nervous. And he says, he says "I know what the problem might be. You drink so much coffee. It's making you a little jittery." And I said, "What?" He said "Coffee" And I said "Yes, thank you I would love some." So he said "No. Just that could be the problem"

And what's so ironic about this whole thing is, we were talking about my nervousness due to coffee, over coffee. So I think he's just trying to hook me and put me in this vicious cycle of discussing my dependence of coffee over coffee thus, reinforcing the dependence and reinforcing his dependence on my money.

So I said "Maybe we shouldn't meet in Joe's coffee shop anymore and we should, you know, go to your office or something." And he says "Well that would be fine" And and I said "Well do you have any coffee there?" And he says "No, I don't have any coffee there" So I says "Well with with all the money i give you, you figure you could add a little cup of Sanka in there even. You know patient comes in, you give him some decaf at least."

Germaine: Aw, come on. Where's the fucking waitress?

Pilz-E: You can't just go throughout the day without the coffee.

Germaine: I've been sitting here for 20 minutes waiting for a refill of coffee.

Pilz-E: Oh, thank you. I would love some.

Germaine. Damn it!

Pilz-E: My God! The cup is empty! Ya mother fucker, it's a crazy idea! It's empty! Like the head on a shelf of a dead man's office.

{The Ending screen appears.}

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Although both Germaine and Pilz-E say that the cup is empty, it actually appears full to the brim. Germaine even sticks her finger in it and swirls it around halfway through the video.


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