(Title Screen Appears)

(Warning Screen Appears)

Foamy: You know, I fucking can't stand smokers. Not your average smokers that usually smoke, I'm talking about your half-hearted quitter. Now, there are 2 types of quitters: those who say "You know what, I quit" and actually quit and never pick up another cigarette again. I like these people. They are strong-willed people who deserve a big piece of cake or sugary item of their choice. Then, then there's the other type of quitter: the (mocking) "I've been trying to quit for 10 years now" (normal) quitter, the fucking weak-willed jackass who smokes for 1 week, quits for 3 days, and starts right back again because he or she (mock) needs their fix (normal) and can't handle reality without their nicotine. Now, just because they decided to quit, anytime something goes wrong, they get all bent out of shape and depressed, and, for some reason, decide to take everything out on you, the non-smoker. Well guess what. I'm not dealing with that shit. Fuck these half-assed quitters and their idiotic emotional roller-coasters. If you're a quitter, fucking quit. If you're a smoker, smoke your damn brains out. Just don't be one of the pussy-assed bullshitters who (mock) wants to quit but just can't do it. (normal) Grow up. Don't go around ruining everyone's fucking day just because you can't have a cigarette. And, you know, that's what they do. They all just ruin your day. Now just because they are going through nicotine withdraws, these brain-dead overdeveloped cum shots are bursting into tears or setting themselves on fire anytime the office copier isn't working properly. And a lot of people like to say (mock) well you don't really understand unless your a smoker. (normal) Frankly, I don't really give a shit. Just because some asshole making the mistake of smoking up and getting addicted to nicotine 12 years ago, all of a sudden I have to be supportive and understanding on their road to recovery. Screw that. I went through my whole life making damn sure I didn't smoke. And now, because some ass-clown didn't have the willpower to say (mock) no, (normal) and got hooked 12 years ago, I'm supposed to take their moody bullshit? Fuck them. Fuck them up the ass with a pack of cigarettes and 3 cigars. These indecisive wastes of DNA need to make a fucking choice. Either you're a smoker or you're not. Find out which one and be that person. And if you can't decide, stay the fuck away from me and eat some of those nicotine patches until your eyes turn yellow. Stop bothering me with your fucking pathetic crap you losers. Uh.

(End Screen Appears)

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