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  • We're trying hard to get Episodes organized. It's easy for Tofu & 4y since there are few of them. Also we should get templates done up for ongoing series like 'Fan Mail' and 'Squirrel Songs'

July ?, 2009Edit

  • Several episodes released, and new series: "4-Y Records" begins!

February 26, 2009Edit

  • Tech Support V to be released

November 28, 2008Edit

Several new episodes have been released including:

  • Political Shifty
  • Book Binding
  • An Original Idea

August 20th, 2008Edit

August 6th, 2008Edit

June 1st, 2006Edit

  • Episode 102: News released

May 18th, 2006Edit

May 4th, 2006Edit

April 20th, 2006Edit

April 5th, 2006Edit

March 23rd, 2006Edit

  • Episode 97: CDs released

March 9th, 2006Edit

February 23rd, 2006Edit

February 9th, 2006Edit

January 26th, 2006Edit


Episodes 1-92 released at various points in time.

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