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{The Warning screen appears.}

Germaine: Oooo, Foamy, look what I got. A letter from a secret admirer in the mail today. It smells like roses and it's in a pretty blood red envelope. Eeee, my favorite color: blood.

Foamy: Well, whooptido, you got a letter, woooooee... Probably from one of your crack addict friends, so who gives a shit?

Germaine: Shhh. Listen to what it says, listen.

"Dear Germaine, how I longed to speak these words that rain from my heart through endless patterns of longing and sorrow" Oh, how sad

Foamy: Fucking loser.

Germaine: Shhh! "I have seen you from a far. Noticed you in the coffee shop. I thought to myself: What a perfect creature this be"

Foamy: Give me a fucking break, you fucking sappy bastard.

Germaine: "I have since watched you from a distance. Though closer that you might think. In the bookstore, in the park. Closer I crept and saw that you have to be mine. I stare at your pictures that I've taken myself: in the movie theater, in your apartment. Each celluloid frame gives me great delight and instills me pleasure, to see your naked frame shower as you wash the filth with this world from your flawless body. Perfection is thee, I will meet you and I will have you. Signed, the Eternal Watcher" P.S. I could see you now. What the?!

Foamy: Haha, you have a stalker, you have a stalker, I don't. You do. You're gonna die, I can sleep at night. Nyah-nyah! Hehe.

(doorbell rings, Germaine gets surprised)

Foamy: For whom the bell tolls? It tolls for thee! Hehe. Ah, relax yourself. You jumpin' around all jittery like a fucking crack addict. I have a friend like you, you know. Always jittery

(Foamy opens the door)

It's just the pizza guy. Hey, there better be extra fucking nuts on it this time. Not like last time! I ordered them, and what was on it? Nothin'. You know what happens now?! (grabs pizza box) I close the door, you get no tip. Goodbye.

(Anchovie creeps up and takes endless photos of Germaine)

Aw jeez, you stiffed me on the nuts!

{The Ending screen appears.}

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This is the first Foamy episode that shows Anchovie as a stalker to Germaine, which then becomes a running gag.




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  • Foamy mentioning he has a friend who, like Germaine, is "always jittery" might be referencing Pillz-E, who hasn't been introduced yet.

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