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"I am hovering in the space of sacredness!"

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{The Warning screen appears.}

(Foamy hums, Gemaine is in a meditating position)

Germaine: You see this, Foamy? This is my sacred space! A sacred space for me! My own personal sanctuary of spirituality not to be disturbed by outsiders and bothersome individuals, such as squirrels.

Foamy: Oh please, you didn't want me to bother you when you were meditating either and look how that turned out! It's what I do, see? Bother! Bother! mmmm....bother! I am bothering you! I'm bothering you! You see? It's what I do!

Germaine: I know but when someone has their own personal sacred space, they're not supposed to enter it or defile it in any way, shape, or form! It would be the equivalent of throwing rocks at the stained-glass windows of a church.

Foamy: I knew someone who did that and went straight to Hell! And would burn in all eternity!

Germaine: Whatever, getting back to my sacred space......

Foamy: (enters) Whoa.....I'm in your sacred the sacred space..ahh...defile!

Germaine: Stop that!

Foamy: (dives in front of cam) Wooooo....I am hovering in the space of sacredness. Defile, defile, defile, dum-dum, defile, defile, in the sacred space!

Germaine: Don't ruin the sacred space!
Foamy: I'm ruining it! I'm ruining your sacred space! (spills soda) Whoa, I spilled soda.

Germaine: You're a fucking bastard!
Foamy: Ah please, designating yourself a particular spot does not make you a spiritual person. Spiritualness comes from your inner connection with your own personal soul and whatever higher being you worship! Holiness does not lay in one spot or particular landmass. The fucking Israelis and Palestinians can learn a lot from squirrels.

Germaine: I hate you!

Foamy: Don't blame me just because I speak with infallible logic. Dumb human!

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: Defile, defile, I'm defiling your sacred space, wooooaaaaa.

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