Foamy: Poilitical shifty, there's a lot of folks out there that are all into politics, and they go above and beyond to express there opinions and support whatever candidate they feel is the best choice fo the job. Why? I mean not for nothing but doesn't it seem that every politician in office is a complete jackass?! Well some people would say, well he or she is a politician who really cares. Bullshit! politicians don't care. Not one bit. nothing. no caring. at all. Who the hell gave you the idea that any politician is actually working in the interests of the american people? I'd like a list please. Well so and so just past a bill that- well whatever doesn't matter most of the bills and laws being past are done so to establish a little more protection for the large corporations while slowly chipping away your rights as an individual. Don't believe me? Look into the historical use law trying to be pushed by the RIAA. I'd go into it further but that's your homework assignment for today. And speaking of homework, why is everyone such a dumbass?! Is the education system so poor that its just creating a generation of mindless consumers that have no opinion and is perpetually stuck in a semi conscious state? I know I've lost a few of you already, but don't you find it odd that our public school systems have been producing shit for the last 30 years? (mocking) well the schools aren't getting the necessary funding. (normal) Well why is that? (mocking) the politicians aren't giving public schools the necesary funding. (normal) well why is that? I don't know, I went to public school. They want to keep you dumb. What better way to control people then by controling what they seee and hear. If knowledge is power and someone is controling who gets the knowledge, who has the power? eh? making sense? no! iI went to public school and I enjoy my career at the mall. So, now that we've established that politicians underfund public schools to keep people dumb, what about those special folks who have the means to go to a private school? Surely thay have a better shot at earning an education. true, but not to worry big business and your local sponsor will bombard them with all sorts of high tech gadgets gizmos online life sucking monthly fee riddle games that they will all put on their credit cards so they can keep you perpetually in debt and perpetually working to pay off that game of warcraft you played online in 2003.But not to worry I'm sure one of these caring politicians would swoop down and save you with some kind of credit card interests law or maybe maybe they'll just loan you a few bucks to pay off your bills. Now there's a caring politician.But don't hold your breath.


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