"The doctors give me these candies of special fun medication, hi!!"

Pilz-E is another squirrel and one of Foamy's friends. He wears big glasses, suffers from a genetic disability known as "eye stigmata" (which is revealed in the episode of the same name), and is always on some sort of medication to treat his ailments: depression, Attention Deficit Disorder, stopping his feet from turning blue, death, etc. Pilz-E speaks extremely quickly, almost to the point of gibberish, similar to the early Foamy. Some believe he is addicted to coffee (revealed in episode 65, "So I Said to My Doctor"). He is also believed to be based at least partially on "Woody Allen on Crack" (revealed in episode 27, "Nuts to You"). He's a bad babysitter because he gives babies "candies" to them so they can calm down, which they OD' from (Medicated Baby Heads). He also calls Germaine "Lady with Purple Hair" (The Owner) It is also revealed that all his diseases are psychosomatic.

His addiction to medication seems to bother Foamy and Germaine to a degree (mostly Foamy). Since both have a hard time understanding his gibberish and his rather ridiculous way of viewing things. But this doesn't seem to bother Begely much.

He also is not usually seen with Hatta although the exception of the episodes "Online Quiz" and "Black Connecticut". But nonetheless, never interacts with him.

While taking medication, he is known to have medical insurance to afford his medical prescriptions. It is implied that he may actually be used for medical experiments.


  • Pilz-E is the third character to have the most appearences in many episodes.
  • Even though Germaine and Foamy can't stand Pilz-E's addiction and jiberish, Begely seems to tolerate Pilz-E.
  • Pilz-E is the second character to wear glasses, the other being Germaine.
  • While he does speak gibberish, he has spoken clearly on certain occasions (Cruelty Free, for example).
  • In the reboot, he is redesigned with a more frazzled tail and the irises of his eyes randomly change size and rotate around, to show how messed up he is.
  •  He is responsible for the exploding duck idea in Germaine's lie to get out of murder.
  •  He eats people.
  •  He believes blood pressure machine is a Kevorkian scarfs, which are then used to commit suicide.


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