FOAMY: you know what drives me nuts? photographers not the professional ones that actually create something artistic, I"m talking about the 30 second photo fucker who takes pictures of evrything all the time everywhere. You know most of you probably have that friend wwho has a camera permanently glued to their fat face, they take pictures of their friends their cat their dog their own nuts and anything else that'll show up on a exposure. These people suck. And as annoying as the constant picture taking is and as irritating as an perpetual floater stuck in your eyeball from 6 hours of flashbulb exposure are, whats worse than all this is after this photo fuck off finishes taking six hundred pictures of the same piece of birthday cake they immediately turn around and show you the picture they just took. (mocking) Hey, isn't this a nice one? (normal In cases like this I just turn right back at em and say hey that is nice now how about shoving that camera up your ass and seing if you can take a picture of your rectum

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