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{The Warning screen appears.}

{Germaine and Foamy are standing in line to get tickets at a movie theater. Anchovie is working at the ticket booth and staring at Germaine.}

Foamy: Alright, what do you wanna see? The Passion of the Jesus? Or Dawn of the Zombies?

Germaine: Well, from what I hear, The Passion of the Jesus is like...a whole emotional experience. It's supposed to be a really deep and emotional film. But then, Dawn of the Zombies has zombies, and zombies are always cool.

Foamy: Well, let's weight the options, shall we?: Jesus is subtitled and you can't understand the language, but Zombies has battling dead people which you can't understand. Hm...both movies have a lot of blood, both movies have angry mobs, both movies have people who come back from the dead. So, basically, it's the same thing.

Germaine: {Hesitant} Well, um... it's not really the same thing...

Foamy: Yes it is, only Dawn of the Zombies has more people coming back from the dead, whereas Jesus only has one. Jesus! And Zombies probably has more explosions.

Germaine: But Jesus has miracles.

Foamy: {Interested}} Oh yeah? What kind of miracles?

Germaine: The whole...{unsure} water to wine thing and probably some other stuff.

Foamy: Hmm..water to wine or exploding zombies. {thinking} Wine...exploding zombies...hmm...

Germaine: {Impatiently sighs} Just pick one.

Foamy: How about we watch Zombies, but sneak in to see Jesus?

Germaine: Uh...just in case there is a heaven and a hell, I'm not sneaking in to see a film about Jesus.

Foamy: think Jesus will send you to hell over sneaking into a religious film?

Germaine: Who knows? Ever read The Bible? He's usually forgiving, but can be pretty vengeful if you piss him off. Last thing I need to do is end up burning in hell for all eternity for sneaking into a Jesus film.

Foamy: Ah, I guess you're right. But to know for sure, it's best to stay on the safe side. {Germaine burps as Foamy turns to talk to Anchovie} So Zombies it is. Give me a ticket to the zombies!

Germaine: {praying} Forgive him, Father, for he knows not what tickets he purchased.

Foamy: Yeah I do, see? {he points at the tickets} Dawn of the Zombies

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: {singing} Zombie zombie zombie! I want to see the zombies eat brains - eat brains! I'm going to see zombies eat brains - eat brains! {he starts humming}

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Anchovi (who's working as a ticket taker) appears to be masturbating inside his booth. This can be assumed by his awkward faces and smiling after a loud "squish" is heard.




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  • The two movie titles are parodies of films The Passion of the Christ and Dawn of the Dead.

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