Episode 11

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Joker

Transcript Edit

[Spin the Black Circle]
Clerk: [Why so serious?] Shaun of the Dead. Excellent choice.
Joker: [You've got red on you] Yeah. It was such a good movie, I had to own it. [Dire Straights. Throw it] Know of any other zomb-com movies like this?
Clerk: [Ask someone else] Uh, Return of the Living Dead Part 1 and 2 had its moments [Like this job?], Dead Alive [Your mother ate my dog], Evil Dead [Give me back my hand], Army of Darkness [Boom stick], any Re-Animator film is a safe bet.
Joker: [Get a job in a sideshow] Uh, what about Tokyo Zombie?
Clerk: [Japan is doomed] Aw, man! That was funny for, like, five minutes, [Less than five minutes] and then it turned into some philosophical jiu jitsu bullshit ["Jew Jitsu" is a book] that seemed to go on forever.
Joker: Hmm. So, not something I would like?
Clerk: [Are you deaf] Nah, that's one of those movies that you can gleam all the good parts out of merely by watching the trailer.
Joker: [Trailer trash] That's rough. [Not as rough as your makeup job] Hey, do you know of any funny serial killer movies?
Clerk: [Dialing 911] What's wrong with you?
Joker: [Starts with the head...] What? [and works its way down]
Clerk: sighs [Filth] Serial Killing 101 [Learn how to kill. At home!!!] Office Killer [You're late for work], Hannibal can be funny depending on your level of apathy and intelligence.
Joker: [I'm having a friend for lunch] Uh, is their anything that you don't know?
Clerk: [When the aliens will arrive] The reason as to why I'm continuing this conversation.
Joker: [Simon says: "shut it"] Wh... what?
Clerk: [Hearing aid batteries sold here] You fucking heard me. [Jerk]
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