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Continuing on from the last episode, Germaine's breasts are now so massive she can't get up, and are still getting bigger. Anchovie the Pizza guy arrives and finds her like this, not exactly hating it and doesn't want it to end. Foamy arrives and uses the undo spell to stop the growth much to Anchovies anger. Germaine is unhappy because while they have stopped getting bigger they still make up the greater part of her weight. Foamy says it will take a few weeks for them to shrink back down.



{The Warning screen appears.}

Anchovie: Right, so how long have you been like this?

Germaine: Ever since Foamy rambled off that stupid bigger boob spell from that "Bigger Breasts through Witchcraft" book 2 weeks ago.

Anchovie: Oh

Germaine: This, this is horrible. I haven't even left the house in 2 weeks and they get bigger every day!

Anchovie: So what are you going to do?

Germaine: I sent Foamy to find a book to reverse the spell.

Anchovie: I see. You think he'll find it?

Germaine: I'm not sure, it's a really rare book.

Anchovie: Kind of difficult to find? Hmm, so that means you'll be stuck like this ... that would be awful, wouldn't it? It's-It's-It's a damn shame. Really.

Germaine: Oh, shut up you perv.

Anchovie: I only have your wellbeing in mind.

Foamy (enters): I found the book! In paperback.

Anchovie: Damn it! 'ow could you find it?

Foamy: Awww, didn't think I'd find it, did you, boob boy?

Anchovie: It's all over, it's ruined, it is!

Germaine: Where did you find it?

Foamy: Weirdest thing, I found the last known copy in the coffin of the late Russ Meyers.

Germaine: Read the spell so I can get back to normal.

Anchovie: All I ever wanted! Destroyed! Because of you! (points angrily at Foamy) Because of you!!

Foamy: You're such a baby.

Anchovie: Fucking scavenger hunting squirrels!

Foamy: (clears throat) Boobies large, boobies huge! Those that jiggle and those that move! To normal size, to normal shape. Be them normal, before backs break (lightning clap)

Germaine: Nothing's happening!

Foamy: Says here it takes 2 weeks for the spell to work!

Germaine: Crap!

Anchovie: One day, I'll get you! I'll get you for this!

Foamy: Okay, it's time for you to leave!

{The Ending screen appears.}

Anchovie: You ruin everything!!

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