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{The Warning screen appears.}

Foamy and Germaine are sitting inside a restaurant. A plate stacked with pancakes is in front of Foamy.

Foamy: (pours syrup over them; singing) Ah yeah, pouring the' syrup, a doo-doo-doo, pouring the syrup. (syrup starts to run over table)

Germaine: Uh, Foamy. (Foamy continues to sing) Foamy?

Foamy: Yeah I put the syrup on the pancakes!

Germaine: FOAMY!

Foamy: Yeah what's up there, you freaky freak?

Germaine: Dude, chill out on all the syrup.

Foamy: But I like the syrup. The sugary goo is all that is needed! To make these ass-tasting pancakes taste good!

Germaine: Look, you're getting it all over the table!

Foamy: Just a minor intechnicality, besides, I don't have' to clean this shit up.

Germaine: Ah, don't be obnoxious.

Foamy: Oh yeah? Take that! (squirts the syrup at Germaine; it covers her face)

Germaine: What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Foamy: Ha-ha, you got syrup in your hair, you're all sticky!

Germaine: Oh, I'm going to kill you!

Foamy: Threaten me, will you? Have some more! (squirts more syrup all over her face; laughs) Whoa! (dodges butter knife that is thrown at him; it sticks into the seat next him) Hey! (looks off to the side) Can I get this to go? Someone, (looks back at Germaine), is being disagreeable!

{The Ending screen appears.}

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Where Germaine says "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" and "Oh, I'm going to kill you!" are the same sound clips used when Germaine remarks Anchovie's poetry in Open Mic Night II.






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