"Our Name Is Jonas" is the second episode of 4y-Records. It was released July 29, 2009.

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Grandpa

Transcript Edit

Grandpa: [CDs. Wave of the future] I'd just like to buy this CD here.
Clerk: [Wow. An actual sale] Is that a Jonas Brothers CD?
Grandpa: [Walt would not want this] Yes. I'm buying it for my granddaughter.
Clerk: [Grand mistake] No you're not.
Grandpa: Wh-- what?
Clerk: [Listen fool!!!] I can't, in good conscience, let you walk out of the store with this steaming pile of musical feces. [It burns my eyes] Here, take this one instead.
Grandpa: [Obey the sign] Dead Kennedys?
Clerk: Eh, you can read. Good job.
Grandpa: [Have a cookie] [Do not block sign] Is this going to be as wholesome as the Jonas Brothers?
Clerk: [There's always room for Jello] Look, you need to get your kids off that tween crap as soon as possible [Like, right now] Start here, and next week we'll move on to Mr. Bungle.
Grandpa: [Egg!] Um...
Clerk: And while you're at it, pick her up a fucking video game too. [Spend so that we may live] Music sales are slow.
Grandpa: [Much like you are] You carry video games?
Clerk: [Earth to jackass] I just said music sales are slow. Wh-- what are you, deaf?
Grandpa: [Que?] What?
Clerk: Fuck outta my store. [Leave]
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