Episode 8Edit

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash register], Jason-like customer, Annoying customer


[No candy here. Go home]

Jason-like customer walks up: Hello. [We do not sell sports gear] I'm looking for {Clerk pulls out a gun and shoots him in the shoulder} - Ow.

[Spooky records on sale]

Clerk: Aw, geez. Sorry, y'know. R-reflex.W-what are you looking for? [It's all in the reflexes]

Jason-like customer: Hannah Montana. {Clerk shoots him in the chest} [Another reason to shoot] Would you stop that, sir? [Don't ruin our fun]

Clerk: Uh, reflex.

Jason-like customer: You have a reflex [Cherry lozenge might help] for shooting customers looking for Hannah Montana?

Clerk: Actually, yeah. [Doesn't every one?]

Annoying customer: Hey, man! I'm looking [Nice shirt dumb ass] for the Hannah Montana CD! {Clerk shoots him down}

[You deserved it]

Clerk: See? Reflex.

Annoying customer: Aw, man! [Here we go with the complaining] That was my mom's kidney!

Jason-like customer: You are a cold-hearted bastard.

[We had candy, but I ate it]

Clerk: Eh, I've been called worse.

{Annoying customer, out of frame, moaning} [Stop bleeding on my floor] {More moaning} [Let's not over-react or anything]

Clerk: Dude, sh-shut up down there! [FEED ME]

{End Credits}


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