Foamy: Here, take the "What Type of Office Supplies Are You" quiz.

Germaine: Man, these online quizes get stranger and stranger.

Foamy: This one is incredibly accurate.

Germaine: I'm sure... Let's see... B, A...

Foamy: Hurry up, dude. It's only 6 questions.

Germaine: Whatever! C, B, B, D... There.

Foamy: Cool. It's processing! [singing] Processing, processing, processing...

Germaine: Somebody shoot me.

Foamy: Results!

Germaine: Slutty eraser? That doesn't even make sense.

Foamy: It makes perfect sense. See, each one has a description. When I took it, I was Shakespeare's pen. I say what I mean, my mind functions on many levels, and I shall go down in history for my insightful nusiance.

Germaine: What about Begley?

Foamy: He was a stapler, because he holds things together, even though he's not used every day.

Begley: I should be used every day!!

Germaine: What about Hatta?

Foamy: Uhh... charcoal stick, for some reason.

Hatta: That's because the test is racially biased against black squirrels! It doesn't concentrate for public school learnin', all run by the white man in order to keep the black man stupid, so he can't advance through socie--

Foamy: You're thinking of the '60's, dude. Move along.

Hatta: Test be racist, yo!

Germaine: What about Pilz-E?

Foamy: He was a broken bag of paper clips. Useful at one point, but constant stress has broken his fragile, wiry mind.

Pilz-E: I'm a broken paper clip!

Germaine: I can see that. But what does 'slutty eraser' have to do with me?

Foamy: Read the description.

Germaine: "With every hand gesture, you rub out a part of your original intent, blur meaning, and fade your soul." Still doesn't make any sense.

Foamy: I think it has something to do with your hand-based sexual promiscuity and such...

Germaine: Oh, come on! How the hell can a stupid quiz possibly know I give out handjobs for money?

Foamy: [groans] Yknow, actually, I made the quiz. So yeah, you're supposed to be learning something about yourself here!

Germaine: Ohhhh, I get it. So with every handjob, I'm erasing a bit of who I am inside... Holy crap, man! You're right! I'm a slutty eraser! I'm a filthy, dirty, slutty eraser!

Foamy: Whooooo~! Let the healing begin!

Germaine: Yeah, well, the healing's gonna have to begin when I can find an alternative source of income.

Foamy: You humans and your money... You sicken me!

Pilz-E: I'm a broken paper clip!

Germaine: I'm a dirty eraser slut!

Pilz-E: I'm a broken paper clip.

Germaine: I'm a dirty eraser slut!!

Pilz-E: ...I'm a broken paper clip!

(Ending Screen)

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