Phantom KillerEdit

Phantom Killer tried to kill Germaine while she was in the shower. Germaine killed him using only a rubber ducky, and probably a nail file. That could explain why all of the bath episodes have the duck explode with ludicrous amounts of blood, leaving Germaine needing 2 more baths. One to get rid of the blood, and another to clean herself again.

Germaine's ParentsEdit

Germaine has apparently locked them in a closet or unused room of the house. Not much else is known about them.According to Germaine, she hasn't spoken to her parents in six years. Germaine's mother's signature is apparently easy to forge.

Mailroom TerroristEdit

Appeared in the episode "A Postal Event", and was standing behind Germaine and Foamy in line. It has been speculated whether or not he was actually Mammed Udi, due to his likeness of the character, but because of the fact Mammed is living in India it is generally believed he wasn't. He was beaten and arrested by some government organization after Foamy asked him if he was carrying a bomb. He returned in "Suggestion Box", but was being eyed by the same organization. I have a question what happens if you snort nutmeg and bathsalts I want to know so I am ready for the results I am going to die soon, screw life

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