Germaine's Gramps

Ollie is the grandfather of Germaine . He is a minor character who often appears in the chibisodes


Germaine's grandfather appears to be her sole caretaker, raising her alone, due to her father abandoning her and her mother being deemed an unfit parent, His dialogue in "Family Tree" suggests Germaine's mother is his daughter. He appears in three episodes

He first appears in "New Phone" where he refuses to get Germaine a new phone when she (intentionally) breaks her old one.

His second appearance is in "Family Tree", where he outlines Germaine's family tree at her request, revealing himself to be of Italian and German heritage and Germaine to be a mix of German, Italian, Mexican, Native American, African-American, French and Jewish heritage, though he disregards it as being important.

His lastest appearance was in "Buylanders", where he refuses to get Germaine more of her new favorite toy.

He has only been shown in the chibisodes, but he is still alive as Germaine mentions in "The Move" that she is able to move into his house because he is in Florida.


An old New Yorker, he is sarcastic, hardened and sharp. He is shown in the chibisodes to be a responsible guardian, as he usually doesn't give into Germaine's demands and chastises her on bad behavior.

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