Foamy: I can't stand people who can't take no for an answer! Do you ever have this happen to you? Like, one of your goofy-ass friends insist on you watching a particular movie, or eating a particular food, and for whatever reason, you don't really feel like it. But they insist! It starts off slowly, like...

"Hey man, you wanna watch a movie?"

"Nah, not really in the mood."

"It's got lots of action and gun fights in it!"

"Not really into action films."

"Kevin Bacon's in it!"

"Not a big Kevin Bacon fan."

"It's also got this chick with really big boobs in it, man!"

"That's not a reason to sit through 2 hours of crap!"

"Oh, come on, man! It'll be good!"

"Probably won't be..."

"Oh. Well, what else are you doing?"

"Anything else."

"Well, maybe just pop this into the DVD player..."

"Asshole! I said no! I don't wanna watch your fuckin' shit fuckin' movie! You dumb motherfucker!!"

"Aw.. Why you have to be like that?"

"Because I told you nicely, 15 times, that I don't wanna watch a movie! But you just keep at it! You don't let up! You don't shut up! You just keep pushing, and pushing, until I have to get to the level of being a prick! Fuck you, fuck your movie, and GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!"

"Ohh... So, you don't want to watch it?"

"Yeah, just give me that DVD for a second. Crack! There you go. Go fuck yourself and die!"

"Man, you're such a dick!"

...and then you look like the bad guy, because this moron couldn't take a fucking hint! It's this type of shit that ticks me off! No means no! Open your ears, pay attention, and stop trying to get me to do something I don't want to do! (goes offscreen) Fucking bastard. Movie sucks anyway!

(End screen appears)

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