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(Germaine at window with a pair of binoculars.)

(Enter Foamy)

Germaine: Ahhh.

Foamy: What are you up to?

Germaine: I think Orlando Gloom moved into the apartment across the street.

Foamy: Who?

Germaine: Orlando Gloom! He's an actor.

Foamy: Isn't he the one in that 'Lord of the Flings' movie - that kinda looked like a gay man with pointy ears?

Germaine: Shut up! Pointy....

Foamy: Well, is it him or not?

Germaine: It looks like him, but I have to make sure before we get married.

Foamy: What?

Germaine: Nothing.

Foamy: Don't you think you're being a bit obsessive?

Germaine: Obsessive? I'm just being a bit... curious.

Foamy: Okay; how long have you been watching him?

Germaine: Six days, twelve hours, thirty-three minutes, twelve seconds.

Foamy: Nice! You're as bad as the pizza guy that follows you around in the park, taking pictures of you eating pretzels all day!

Germaine: Hardly! That guy's a fucking stalker!

Foamy: Then what the Hell are you?

Germaine: I'm sort of a ... distant admirer?

Foamy: How come he's a stalker but you're an 'admirer'? Huh? How come?

Germaine: 'Cause stalking is a guy thing.

Foamy: You're a fucking obsessive groupie stalker! Can't ya see? CAN'T YA SEE?

Germaine: I can see. Ohhhh, I can see.

Foamy: (Off screen) Pervert!

Germaine: Admirer!

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