Episode 102


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{The Warning screen appears.}

Foamy: I refuse to watch the news anymore!
Germaine (reading a magazine) What's wrong with the news?

Foamy: It's a fucking puke inducing joke! You ever watch this shit in the morning, all these news anchors giggling like they've swallowed their own nuts, high on caffeine, cracking jocks, when all we want is a fucking weather report? I can't even get real news anymore, like when I wake up at 6am, I don't want to hear some news jerk squealing like a pig, giving me some breaking news report about some dumb bitch who has ducks as pets! That is not news!

Germaine: Why not watch the world news like that British news stuff? It give you more of a global view!

Foamy: That's fucking bullshit too! All you hear is how many people died in all of these other countries and who's to blame. And it's got all this idiotic slang to it, where they try to place the blame for every problem in the world on America. Fuck these international news bastards up the ass with a plasma flat-screen!

Germaine: I think you're exaggerating!

Foamy: Am I? Another thing I hate is when foreign news reporting on how poor a third-world country is! Then they start hinting on how America is not sending over any support. And when we do, that country just takes the money and complains that it's not enough. And then the news tells the rest of the world about how America is nothing but a bunch of cheap bastards.

Germaine: This is true!
Foamy: These people can continue to eat their own limbs for all I care. Let them live in the fucking Stone Age if they're so ungrateful!
Germaine: Are you done?
Foamy: Ehhh....I guess. I can only bitch so much you know. I'm done, I'm done with the fucking news. Arghhhh.

{The Ending screen appears.}

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