Foamy: Now, why is it that every time I go to a musem to enjoy some fine art, on that very day I decide to go, some fucking school has to bring their most obnoxious students "on a field trip?!" Why do they do this? You ever get stuck in a situation like this? You're in a museum appreciating some sculpture by Michaelangelo or painting by DaVinci, and all of a sudden, a group of 30 bratty children come rushing in and start giggling like a bag of clown nuts, just because some statue "has breasts!" So now you're sitting amongst some of the finest art in all the world, listening to the public school choir of twits, snickering and giggling like a bunch of retards on laughing gas. Lovely! Now, I know some folks will say, "Well, we're trying to culture our children by exposing them to some fine art." Who the fuck are you kidding? Do you really think your "precious children" are sophisticaed enough to appreciate the transcended greatness of any kind of fine art at all? Think about it! And don't give me that "Well, he or she is very mature for their age" nonsense. No, they're not! They're kids! And art bores them! And when kids get bored, they tend to get fidgety, especially in areas where folks are supposed to be quiet! So, with this in mind, I say before you bring these uncultured simple-minded Neo-Neanderthals to a house of art, give them a behavioral test. Get your class to split up into groups, have them all sit in the school library, and tell them to look through a bunch of art books. Let them flip through the pages, and when they start giggling like idiots at the sight of a painted boob, just keep the little future crackhead from going on the trip, m'kay? I personally do not go to a museum to listen to kids laugh at a statue just because it has a marble cock! Keep these fucking kids out of the museums until they can actually appreciate what's in them! And if you "insist on culturing your children," why not take them to a kid museum? You know, some place where they show you how to mix water and electricity with a sharp metal object? You know, something educational? It'll be a lesson they never forget.

(Ending screen)

Foamy: Education rocks! [mimics guitar riffs]

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