FOAMY: You know what urks me? those tacky let's work together as a team motivational posters you usually see in corporate work areas. To me motivational posters are like office propoganda all it is is a big ass giant sign that that reminds you that you're working for someone else, you should be happy about it. Noone likes working for some one else. and I'd really liked to know what brain dead nitwit is actually motivated by a motivational poster!? who looks at one of them and says yeah, my goal is within my reach you know what? its not. The only thing within your reach is a mind numbing repetitive position with some crappy ass ugly firm that will probably go under because of some greedy executive decided to bet all the company's assets including your retirement fund on some risky mortgage security crap, alright? that's whats within your reach, okay? remember that. For me the best motivater is a truthful one so if I wanted to motivate my workers to better themselves I'd make posters like dreams are a waste of time, welcome to the rest of your life with a picture of a giant paper weight holding down an average looking worker. Here's another one hope you like your position because there's no room for promotion here, why better yourself when all you have to do is enter data. Nothing motivates an individual more than a healthy dose of the possible reality of a mundane existence and if that doesn't scare you into moving forward as an individual, you deserve all that you get. I say rip those motivational posters off the wall, tear them up into little bits and use the jagged edges to give your fat boss papercuts all over his nuts and when he's bent over holding his own balls kick him in the face, then take that oversized novelty calculator he sent you to the office supply store to pick up for him and shove up his ass. Then use a stapler to make out the words "I quit" on his fucking forhead. That'll really send a massage, and once your out of prison start working on your true goal in life whatever that might be art, music, writing, furniture restoration, work for yourself. Some of you out there are selling yourselves short by trading up hours of life for some meager paycheck, some of you are better than that, of course some of you aren't. Figure out which one you are and either get out while you can or enjoy your overpayed position for marginal work. But don't get too comfortable because marginal workers are usaully the first ones to go. Sorry we're downsizing.


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