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Foamy: Mini Marts! Dude, what is up with mini-marts. Every neighborhood has one of these places that's usually run by some Indian-Pakistani Guy, or whatever. You go in there and you go to get milk. Then you look at the date on the milk, and its like 4 days old, but you really the milk. So you bring it up to the register and you're like, "Yeah, this milk is bad. How much is it?" Then they come back and they're like (mock) "It is 8 dollars." (normal) Eight dollars, for milk?? How do these little mini-marts get off charging all of this fucking money for all of this fucking, crappy outdated expired food. I mean, I'm not gonna pay three dollars for a Twinkie that's been there since the fucking Carter administration. That's not right. Rotate your stock to keep products fresh. Come on!! And then they have the nerve to sell, like, baby food. I mean, that stuff looks as nasty as it is. I mean, you don't know if that's really how its supposed to look, or it just looks that way because it's been there for so long. I will not feed my children any food that is older than they are. OK! I don't know, it's just an observation. You know, three dollar sodas, four dollar bottles of water. It's fucking madness. Whatever!! Whatever!!

(End Screen Appears)

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