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An obvious and pathetic attempt at backpedaling on the disgustingly racist comments made by Foamy in an earlier rant dealing with immigration. Being the unpleasant little cunt that he is, Foamy takes the time to insult the people who were justifiably offended. Episode 106

Foamy: Mexico es muy bien (Mexico is very good)!

Now most of you, by now, certainly know how I feel about illegal Mexicans breakin' in through our boarders and stealing jobs from U.S. citizens, not speaking English, and BLAH BLAH BLAH! Unfortunately, most of you people, with your limited thought capacity, are applying this view point to Mexican people as a whole! What is wrong with you people?! Why is it, that when anyone criticizes a certain group of people; everyone else takes those criticisms, and then stereotypes the whole group in it's entirety; based on those few observations? It's nuts!

So, today, let's talk about the positive impact of Mexican culture on American society. Now, for me, the best part about this influx of Mexican culture, are the tacos. Tacos, and fuckin' chalupas! Mexican food in general, just fucking kicks ass! No more of this second rate taco smell fast food nonsense! Nope! We're gonna' get the real shit! For those of you who have actually eaten real Mexican food, you know what I'm talkin' about. Next up: sombreros. I love sombreros! Those big old hats are more fun than a clown car on fire! I'm constantly on the look out for a hat big enough to cast a shadow, large enough, to keep me, and my friends cool on a hot summer day. And I think the sombrero could be that hat. Kudos!

Another thing: Piñatas! I personally love the concept of beating the shit out of something, and then getting candy in return. It's pure genius, and kicks ass! The other thing I'm looking forward to, are those afternoon siestas! What's better then taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon? I personally get weary around 2:00 PM; after a long morning of bitching, and complaining, and need to charge my batteries. A Siesta is the perfect concept, and needs to be put into law immediately. Yo me gusta (I like)! You know, the influx of a strong work ethic, and some family values wouldn't hurt American society much either (fake cough) Welfare mothers?

With all this being said, I welcome aboard the new Americans of the future! Just don't bring over any Mexican water, learn some English, and please, leave that repetitive Mexican music at the border! In the mean time, I'm gonna go beat the crap out of Germaine until candy falls out of her skull! Yo me gusta candy! Whooo! {The Ending screen appears.}

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