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Episode 21


Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


{The Warning screen appears.}

(Germaine is sitting cross legged on the floor; in the form of a yoga meditation position.)

Germaine: (chanting) Foooaaaammmyyyy…. Fooooaaaammmy… Fooooaaaaammmyy

(Foamy appears from behind Germaine’s head)

Foamy: Hey what are you doing?

Germaine: T.M.

Foamy: And that would be….?

Germaine: Transcendental Meditation, through meditation I can transcend the pain of the flesh and reach higher planes of consciousness

Foamy: Oh.... That's like those guys in that……uhhh, that’s like those crazy Buddhist guys and those people in the white house.

Germaine: I need silence to concentrate; that means quiet, no noise, no squirrel chatter.

Foamy: How about squirrel banter, can I do banter? Banter, banter banter.

Germaine: No!

Foamy: You know this is no fun if you’re gonna meditate and I just have to sit here and watch.

Germaine: People in the south use squirrels for chilli meat…

Foamy: I like the chilly! Chilly chilli chilli you give me the chilli chilli chilli (said to a tune as such) dukudukadow chilli!

Germaine: Silence!

Foamy: Fine!... one more question… (breaks out into attempted song) “Am I breakin’ your concentration!,. ado doo doodododo, (other attempted song noises) “Am I breakin all your concentration! (starts using an air-guitar and making guitar sounds) Am I breakin your concentration!... (more sounds) Oh yeah!!!

Germaine: Ahhh, I'm trying to reach a higher plane here!

Foamy: Fine I’ll go! You suck you never let me do anything…

{The Ending screen appears.}

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This is one of the only talking episodes that does not have a single curse in it. Showing incredible restraint on JiM's part.




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