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{The Warning screen appears.}

Germaine: (reading a book)

Pilz-E: Hi.

Germaine: (flips the bird and sticks her tongue at him)

Pilz-E: I gots a good idea with the makings of the money for the medication expensive.

Germaine: (confused) What?

Pilz-E: I figured with the mass productions of the Baby Heads, I could do the sitting of them for the lazy mothers, who not watch their kids during days at work.

Germaine: You mean you're gonna babysit children to make some money for your medication? Do you think that's wise?

Pilz-E: Are you saying I'm unresponsible with the childrens of peoples?

Germaine: I'm not saying you're not responsible, just perhaps, under the influence.

Pilz-E: Under the influence of the moneys of fun of the purchasing power of pranking, ha ha

Germaine: Ugh, I don't wanna be a part of this.

Pilz-E: Then you better leave (doorbell rings) The babies are here!

(Screen fades to black and shows five babies on screen)

Pilz-E: So babies with the little body, BIG HEAD, what would you likes to do with the time of the no mommy?

(a fart noise happens and two of the five babies start crying and belching)

Pilz-E: I can't hear the noise in my head, I knows what will stop the screeching of baby burp: CAAANDY (shakes his medication around)

(A title card saying "One hour later...", with Germaine coming back to see the dead babies and freaking out)

Germaine: What the hell happened here? What's with all the dead babies?!

Pilz-E: They, they didn't like the... candies of fun.

Germaine: Candies? What's candies?

Pilz-E: The doctors give these candies of special fun medication, hi!

Germaine: Let me see that.

Pilz-E: Hi.

Germaine (reading the medication instructions): Take one every 24 hours to reduce nervousness and excitability. Do not administer to children under 25. Do not take more than one capsule a day. Dude! This is a high dose of tranquilizer!

Pilz-E: So what?

Germaine: Uh, how many did you give these kids?

Pilz-E: I, uh, not 60 but TWELVE!

Germaine: Twelve, each?!

Pilz-E: Yep.

Germaine: (picks up a dead baby) These little fuckers are seriously dead, aren't they?

Pilz-E: The baby heads are no more, with the moving of life.

Germaine: (sighs), let me get the broom.

(Germaine sweeps the corpses of the babies)

Germaine: Damn, these little fuckers are hard to sweep up once they've hit rigor mortis.

Pilz-E: Dead has gone through their minds, with the sick of the medicated, HEEERE.

{The Ending screen appears.}

Pilz-E: Oh, I'm all out of candy!

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it is revealed that pilze has no problem giving drugs to babies




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