"Low On The High End" is the first episode of 4y-Records. It was released July 22, 2009.

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Manson Fan

Transcript Edit

Manson Fan: [I remember record stores] New Marilyn Manson album. I am so excited.
Clerk: [I'm glad someone is] It sucks, dude. Sucks.
Manson Fan: No. [Yes] He can't suck. [Like Obama, "Yes he can"] He's the lord of darkness.
Clerk: [So scary] If "darkness" is another word for "suck", then he's certainly the lord and master.
Manson Fan: [Foamy is lord and master] How could you say that? [You heard me!] (points) [No pointing] Blasphemer.
Clerk: [This sign changes] Look, he's had consistently good albums up to and including The Golden Age of Grotesque; [Gross tech] after that, suck. [Say it again] Pure suck. You hear me? Suck.
Manson Fan: But...he's such
Clerk: [A metal mime?] Buy it or get out. [Manson Fan hands out money] [Money money money] Oh, yeah, here. The CD comes with a promotional Marilyn Manson guy-liner.
Manson Fan: [WTF] That is so sweet. [That is so sad] Thank you, dark lord
Clerk: [You're welcome] Sh- shut up, dude. [Find some friends]
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